Eilean Donan Castle

Ever heard of Eilean Donan Castle? Well, maybe you didn’t but if you watch a lot of movies then maybe you saw it in some movie. Eilean Donan Castle is located on a small island named Eilean Donan and it is one of the most popular and most recognized castles in Scotland. When you see it you will understand why. The scenery around the castle is breathtaking and just wait to come inside.
The visitor center outside the castle is pretty modern and you can buy your ticket there. When you cross the bridge and get closer to the castle you can see why it is so popular and safe. The first version of the castle was built in 13th century because Alexander II wanted to protect the whole place from the Vikings. From that day until now the castle was expanding. We can thank Lt Col John MacRae-Gilstrap for the looks of the castle that it has today because the castle served as a family home to him from 1912 to 1932 and it was reconstructed at that time. Today, visitors can wander around this castle, check the old rooms, look at Jacobean artefacts and check the display of the weapon. If you are interested in history of this castle there are well informed guides that will guide you through the whole castle and offer you some new experience. Because of everything we mentioned above you can understand why this castle is such big attraction to every person that comes there. It is iconic place of Scotland and it is interesting to learn more about it when you go there.
If you want to visit the biggest attraction in Highlands and maybe even in the whole Scotland then you must visit this castle.