Floor castle

Floor Castle is one of the largest attractions in Scotland and it is one of the most inhabited castles in the world. Currently, Floor Castle is the home to Duke of Roxburghe. It is a family place built in 1720 by one of the best architects of that time William Adam for Duke John and since then there were some big changes that made the castle look like it looks today.
Floor Castle is a popular tourist attraction for already 40 years and it is probably the biggest attraction where the building is still a home to some family. Floor Castle is located just outside a small market town named Kelso. When you visit this castle you can enjoy impressive art and artefacts, great rooms and some amazing scenery. If you have children you can bring them too and they can also have fun in Adventure Playground and you can enjoy some of the best food in the whole Scotland made by personal Chef of the Duke family. Like we already mentioned, this castle is not a museum, it is a breathing home and you will get different experience than usual because you can feel the family history breathing trough the walls. Wherever you go this castle has art and photographs made by older generations of this family.
What you get when you come here is something truly romantic and great. The whole story of this castle and the whole family is impressive and it is something everyone should experience.











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