Portpatrick harbour and city

Portpatrick is a small village located on the west and south part of the Scotland. It is pretty hard to get to and you must travel a lot but once you get there you won’t regret all that travelling. Village is pretty small, with only about 900 inhabitants, but its beautiful harbor and history makes it a popular tourist attraction.
Portpatrick is about 500 years old and you can find some really historic buildings there. Close to the village is a Dunskey Castle built back in 15th century, and if you explore the village you will find a ruins of Old Parish Church also dating from 15th century. In its history Portpatrick was mostly used for transportation of goods between Scotland and Northern Ireland. Thing you must visit in Portpatrick, except for church ruins and Dunskey Castle is Southern Upland Way. It is about 340 meters long footpath that will give you some beautiful views you will never forget. Portpatrick also holds a popular folk music celebration in September that lasts three days.
So, if you want some place that will offer you some historic buildings, beautiful scenery but at the same time some peace then this small village is the perfect place for you. Like we already said, you must travel a lot to get here, but it is absolutely worth it because you will experience something you will never forget. Surely worth visiting.